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Physiotherapy Am Casinopark

posture ergonomic stool
exercise running figurine, little wallpainting
physiotherapy equipment in the practice's open area
transparent placeholder
power barbell on a red floor
stamina crosstrainer
relaxation outstretched figurine, little wallpainting in the practice's open area
balance area with trampoline and balance board
Peter Hatzold Logo des Schweizer Berufsverbandes für Physiotherapeuten 'physioswiss'


overview prospect with courtyard between neighbouring buildings
site plan of the practice at Eggstrasse 4 with tagged path to the entrance entrance in courtyard

Eggstrasse 4
9100 Herisau / AR

View past the stele to the entrance in the dark

The entrance is situated
in the dark below the parapet.

view to the well-lit entrance close
Tel / Fax: 071 351 60 50

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